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The Board of Directors has full authority to administer and manage the company within the limits of its corporate purpose. Under the direction of the Chairman and CEO, it decides the group's strategic policy, approves the implementation of resources and reports to the shareholders.

The Board of Directors comprises eight members:

A - François Feuillet, 65, majority shareholder, French business school graduate (HEC), has headed Trigano since 1981 following a career in auditing (KPMG), and in financial management and general management (Singer Group and Compagnie Française du Meuble).

B - Marie-Hélène Feuillet, 64, Deputy CEO, French business school graduate (HECJF), joined Trigano in 1994 after a career in banking with Banque Populaire group.

H - Michel Freiche, 53, French business school graduate (EDHEC), with a background in public accountancy, joined Trigano in 1988, after starting his career in auditing (Ernst & Young).

G - Alice Feuillet, 31, French business school graduate (ESCP), is Associate in a private equity fund in London, after an experience in mergers and acquisitions, notably with Morgan Stanley.

C - Jean Ducroux, 70, graduate in political sciences (IEP), MBA (University of Minnesota), now manages Aryon, a consulting and investment company, after starting his career in banking.

D - François Baleydier, 69, French business school graduate (HEC), has had a financial career in France and abroad in the civil engineering sector (Entrepose and Bachy).

E - Michel Roucart, 65, French business school graduate (HEC), with a background in public accountancy, currently runs a private real estate business, after a career with Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young.

F - Guido Carissimo, 57, a graduate of Bocconi University in Milan and the University of Boston, is a private equity fund manager, after a career with Pirelli and then as the head of Trigano SpA.

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